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A Final Triumph For The Europa League

A Final Triumph For The Europa League

After a wonderful season, the Europa League final was a wonderful game between two teams that really cared. Will English teams ever bother to try and join in with the fun?

Bored Of Big Sam? It's Your Right...


West Ham fans will hear 'be careful what you wish for' every day for the next few weeks. Sod the pundits, it's okay to get sick of the middle of the road...

Raheem Sterling: Prepare For The Hate, As Ever


When a young footballer announces that he would like to change employer, he should don a tin helmet and prepare for the hate. There's something deeply sad about that...

Gerrard Tribute Mawkish And Nauseating


Was Johnny the only one feeling massively uncomfortable on Saturday evening as Anfield paid tribute to a footballer? "He's just a bloke with an arsehole, just like me and thee."

What Happened To The Soul-Lifters?


Premier League teams are stuffed with 6/10 players - consistently being just about good enough and not making mistakes. Scrutiny is making maverick impossible...

We're Not All Jealous Guys...


We don't all want Roman Abramovich as our owner, Jose Mourinho as our boss and a team of John Terrys. You can dislike a successful side without feeling envy...

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ow is the time for Allardyce to finally get a chance at a big club please. He is likely to have a number of great offers for his services this summer, but who will he choose? Will it be Liverpool, Real Madrid, Dortmund or Man City?

Allardyce leaves West Ham


thought exactly this when the Match of the Day pundits were peddling this line. Is it really not okay for fans of a club to have some ambition these days then?

Bored Of Big Sam? It's Your Right...


ow magnanimous off him - to leave if he's asked to by the owners? What's the alternative, bunker down in his office claiming squatter's rights if FSG want rid?

feed the bear
Rodgers: I'll go if owners want

Footer 365

Uruguay union to challenge FIFA ban on Luis Suarez

Uruguay players' union plans to challenge FIFA's nine-match international ban on Luis Suarez in light of recent events

Sepp Blatter: Tiny minority to blame for FIFA crisis

Sepp Blatter has told FIFA's annual congress he had no way of monitoring "a tiny minority" of officials accused of corruption.

Sepp Blatter lies low as David Cameron joins opposition to FIFA president's re-election

Sepp Blatter held an emergency meeting in Zurich on Thursday morning as David Cameron joined those calling for his head.

Mail Box

What Is It That FIFA Actually Do?

That's the question raised timidly by someone sat at the back of the room, whilst others remind that UEFA aren't perfect either. Plus a few more gone on to better XIs...

Time To Step Up, Mr Platini...

UEFA should step up and extend the Euros to replace FIFA's tarnished World Cup, say a couple of mailboxers. Also: all hail Carlo, King of the Kop, and plenty more Budget XIs...

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