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The Page That Is Thinking About The Bins

The Page That Is Thinking About The Bins

How dare those footballers choose anybody but John Terry? Plus, how churnalism works, an awful opening paragraph and Oh Barney...

The Page That Could Never Be On Vision

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And then, to cap it all, the police charge you with grooming a 15-year-old girl. 'Problems pile up' for Adam Johnson, but at least he didn't inhale something 'potentially lethal'...

The Page That Will Get Its Wings Later

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Roll up roll up for the next 'hippie crack' sensation. Stand back and admire as we build another one up just to knock them down...

The Page That Kicks Below The Water

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Don't ever think that Jose Mourinho doesn't play the kids. Not when he picked that 34-year-old and that 32-year-old...

The Page That Congratulates Mo Wedding

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Liverpool without Daniel Sturridge is like Chelsea without Diego Costa, Liverpool did actually finish top of the league and THREE KOP STARS ON WAY OUT...

The Page That Would Like To Add Boiling Water

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We answer the burning question about Angel Di Maria, Tim Sherwood decides he does believe in No. 10s after all, the Telegraph spent on an 'web sensation' and...

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inners: All of us watching the latest installment of The Daley Blind Hour. This weeks episode was called Sun Kissed In Merseyside, and although it was a bit of a downer, he was splendid to look at.

Has Di Maria's Spell In England Turned Sour?


think Liverpool should start trying alternative therapy now, given that Sturridge's hips and knees are apparently unfathomable to modern medicine. Voodoo, acupuncture, healing oils, rolling in the snow after a hot bath, its all got to be worth a go now.

Sturridge doubt for run-in


ell thats the most one sided, Mourinho ass kissing, Terry loving conlcusions I have ever read. Does Daniel Storey have a tattoo of the Chelsea crest on his calf too? What a plonker.

16 Conclusions: Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea

Footer 365

Bournemouth all but secure promotion to the Premier League with a 3-0 win over Bolton

Bournemouth all but secured promotion to the Premier League with a 3-0 win over Bolton on Monday night.

Jose Mourinho: Cesc Fabregas not in PFA team 'strange'

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says it is 'strange' that the PFA Team of the Year has no place for Cesc Fabregas.

Eddie Howe dishes out the plaudits after Bournemouth success

Eddie Howe was keen to share the praise around after Bournemouth effectively clinched promotion to the Premier League.

Mail Box

Mail From Fan Who Craves Relegation...

In this case it's a Sunderland fan who just wants to see a clear-out. We also have mails about Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton. It's long and it's sexy...

Is This What Arsenal Fans Feel Like?

'It's all well with the short and pretty passes, but we did absolute f*** all up front,' writes one Man United fan. We have mails on Chelsea, Brendan Rodgers and...

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