My Friend,
Oh! It's been So Long.

Or maybe this invitation has been a long time coming. We write to you --inquisitively, bathed in the last moments of sun lingering on the windowsill. The days stretch as we continue to create within the confines of our bedrooms, kitchens and back gardens. We have come to realise that the most compelling work happens in moments of in-between, the liminal spaces: where plurality lies within the unknown. We have begun to accept the discomfort of designing in this state of being.

But how are you? Tell me everything.

Dusk settles in the sky. It is reminiscent of the line: The future is dark, which might be the best thing it can be. The darkness holds volumes of the unseen, the unspoken and the yet-to-come for us as designers. We see the constellation of our actions materialising as night ascends. Our correspondence connects our distant realities.

The moon is rising now, and we think of you in its haze. The purpose of this letter was to invite you to something dear to us:

Our public programme : a series of collectively produced live events and performances, a book and a website by Goldsmiths BA Design practitioners.

Seeped in liminality, our practice confronts the precarity we face. It exists between dimensions of the virtual and real, of analog and digital. Our programme translates across the changing design landscape, and we invite you to immerse yourself in its expanse.

I look forward to seeing you there, after all,